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Digital Marketing Services

What We Do

We work with clients to strategize comprehensive Digital marketing communications and content plans focusing on a “Digital First” methodology.  While this includes the typical digital channels, web, social, search, email, mobile and tablet, it can also include other channels that are critical to your specific plan – print, media, location, PR, etc.  We also work with companies on organization structures, marketing systems and marketing process planning to sustain digital marketing best practices for all future marketing initiatives.

Why DNA?

Seems like we were born for the Internet business.  We’ve been engaged in the technical sides of marketing even before the Internet was a thing.  So,  it’s in our blood.  Which creates a passion that drives our continual adaptation of the newest internet related challenge.  There is always something new, reigniting our love for this business.

On the marketing side, our passion is in finding ways to put commerce into content.  While others try to load more content into their commerce, we set you apart from the pack in terms of Customer Experience and of course Sales Growth.  This means that we incorporate the method of reaching your goals into each and every communication with your customers.  Lead generation, E-commerce, Branding happen where your customers interact, not only on your website.

We are platform agnostic in terms of execution – having worked in many different systems at varying levels of experience, we learn quickly to use the tools to get the performance and deliverables we need to succeed and can cut through the clutter of worrying about which system is ‘best’.  We pick the right platform for YOU.  

And we do it ALL.  Web hosting setups,  email setups, services setup all included.  (personal computer management not included).

How Do We Work?

Success is all about having the right plan.  And then we EXECUTE!!!!  Here’s how we create one specifically for your business.

Step One: Marketing Needs Assessment – Initial meeting to conduct high level marketing audit to determine what is working well today, what could be improved with quick wins, and what longer term tactics should be considered to have a full 360 degree marketing strategy implemented across all digital communication channels (web, mobile, social) as well as the primary traditional channels (print, broadcast, location based).  The deliverable on this is typically a 5-7 page document.

Step Two: Consult – Once the Marketing Needs Assessment is complete, we will discuss the recommendations and determine which areas represent the most opportunity and determine priorities. Then we will prepare a quote on implementation for those areas. This typically is a combination of Digital DNA Marketing time, recommendations on 3rd parties and software for specific tasks, and responsibility possibilities for some of your own staff. We will present several options so you can choose the right mix for your budget and timeline.  A major deliverable from this step will be Software Selection. There are so many choices for e-commerce and  marketing related software today that it is difficult to know when you are choosing the right one.  With my experience working in numerous different systems at different clients,  I can help you choose the best software that will scale as your needs grow.

Step Three:  Kickoff Project !  This may include all or some of the following components.  Details on each follow.

  • Web Site development
  • Mobile Site development
  • Digital Content Strategy and Marketing Plan
  • Key Video Assets Plan
  • Digital Media Communications Plan
  • Marketing Analytics Plan
  • Social Media Plan
  • Email Marketing Plan
  • SEO Plan
  • Paid Search Plan
  • Google Business Plan
  • Mobile Plan

Web Site Development – Great web sites don’t just happen.  They are the result of planning, clear goals, proven user experience layouts, reliable scalable platforms,  strong branding and great content.  We make your web site easy to maintain to keep your content fresh easily and affordably.

Mobile Site Development – Mobile smart device usage continues its growth spurt and shows no signs of slowing down.  Once we determine how your customers want to interact with your company on mobile devices, we will discuss and decide on responsive design vs. custom content vs. applications and execute accordingly.

Digital Content Strategy and Marketing Plan – Great marketing needs ongoing assessment and adjustments. A critical component to sustain any great marketing plan is a core content strategy. This strategy will plan the type of content needed for your customers, the content creation and storage process, and publishing schedules. Content story “masters” will be used to tell the entire story, with excerpts being optimized for use in each channel.  As desired, we can also provide an annual marketing plan with quarterly checkpoints to measure the success of the efforts, determine customer feedback, and adjust as necessary. This would also include updates based on any emerging channels – new social site trends, new digital devices, etc.

Key Video Assets Plan – Video is a critical component of any good digital marketing plan.  We will recommend which types of videos are needed to reach your goals,  and arrange for a video production company that fits your budget.

Digital Media Communications Plan – This will include recommendations for Search, Display Ads, Affiliate, Shopping sites, Directory sites, Blogs, Publisher sites, Social sites, Award sites, Vendor sites, Public Relations calendar, Customer sites, Business ranking sites, Reviews sites, Business partner sites, any sites that your customers may visit. It will be done based on budget with a step up plan as you begin to see ROI from this advertising. Will include recommended systems to manage content.  Larger budgets may include Marketing Channel Attribution Setup Consultation.  This is available for companies wishing to set up advanced sales or lead tracking systems to understand the true influence of each channel on conversion, the true cost for each channel as well as models for how the attribution will change as you adjust media budgets.

Marketing Analytics – In order to accurately measure results, we will setup success measures in advance and decide on the right measurement tools. We will make it easier to analyze the data by setting up automated reporting and alerts so you can set your goals and take action when you reach certain thresholds for customer visits, leads, or sales. We can also help with sales forecasting and budgeting based on certain tactical implementation dates.

Social Media Plan – We determine which social sites are critical to your goals,  setup corporate pages and give you the reigns to post content to coincide with your marketing plans.  Facebook, LinkedIn, Google Plus, YouTube, Twitter, Instagram, etc.

Email Marketing Plan – We recommend the frequency of email communications to your customers, software platforms, format for highest reader satisfaction and set you up for success to execute emails on a regular basis.

Mobile Messaging Plan – Does your customer spend most of their day on Mobile?  If so, then mobile messaging is how best to reach them.  We’ll recommend a plan and help you get started.

Ala Carte Digital Marketing Services

In addition to our comprehensive digital marketing plans, we also offer supplementary add-on services

Executive Briefings – This can be arranged to help senior level executives who do not have digital experience understand the implications of digital channels to their businesses. This can be helpful before presenting proposals for marketing plans that allocate a much larger share of budget to the digital channels. It includes full competitor comparisons and industry trends.

Board Advisor – Companies that need an experienced digital knowledge presence on their board will benefit from this service. It can be in an official capacity or advisory capacity.

Interim Executive – This can be temporary or project based. Examples include reorganizations, startups, replatforms, rebranding – any time there is a major change that needs persistent, unwavering leadership to see it through to completion and set up your long term staff for success to be able to sustain the changes.

Public Speaking – The world of digital is so interesting to so many. When you need a great speaker to educate, entertain or simply inform, I can help. We can design a custom presentation to fit your audience’s background and needs the most.