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 Digital Marketing Strategy Differentiated

Today's digital marketing strategy ecosystem continues to get more diverse - customers can now be reached in more ways than ever. Digital DNA Marketing was created to address the growing need of businesses to develop and implement a 360 degree digital marketing plan that integrates all  customer touchpoints into one holistic strategy. We start with the customer experience with digital strategy at the core, and then create marketing content that can be optimized for use in all media communications - Web, Social, Mobile, Online Ads, Blogs, External sites, Search and more.

Whether it's BtoB,  BtoC, or a blend of both, we are your marketing technologist.

Designed always with the customer in mind...

Designed always with measurement in mind...

Digital DNA Marketing - your source for digital marketing success.

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Client Reviews

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We were struggling with getting a new website completed as well as some social media initiatives. We had too many internal options and needed someone with the skill set to drive us towards completion. Dawn was outstanding to work with. She was extremely professional and drove us to the milestones we needed. She offered great advice/recommendations and communicated very effectively with our organization through the entire process. She moved the process in 6 weeks that had taken us 6 months. She was able to get a consensus of action items and developed a plan to accomplish by strategic dates. We had a very successful launch and would not have completed it without Dawn’s guidance/work.

We are a small ($100M) company, but very complex company with many “silos”. She was able to reach across those silos to bring a consistent theme to the process. She dealt with the CEO, President, Executive level as well as others and was comfortable in communicating to all levels.

The “time is money” approach definitely came into play for us since we struggled to get our project moving forward. Dawn expedited that process which saved us money in the end. She actually recommended some changes that would have cost us in the downstream process. We would have allocated assets with little or no return without her guidance.


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Dawn really helped me see the needs for my business from a digital aspect view. Her strong knowledge of the field and efficiency in delivering what she said was above and beyond my expectations. Her implementation of marketing strategies and new webpage has been a great advantage for us since most of the information we put out there is seen on a mobile phone. Roper Physical Therapy and PYTA highly recommend her.

PYTA Yoga and Roper Physical Therapy
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