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Customers check phones 126 times per day?

times per day checking phones


How many times a day do you check your phone?  If you are like the rest of the United States,  a LOT!  And you likely don’t even know you are doing it.  Check the chart above from Kantar Media.  Think about when this occurs.  Here are my prime mobile checking moments.

  • Traffic lights
  • Waiting in line
  • When wondering about something
  • Email culling
  • Message alerts
  • Boredom
  • Second screening (watching TV and using a mobile device)
  • Wondering about something else
  • Needing a referral for someone
  • Checking my smart home interface apps
  • Reading news alerts
  • Photo captures and shares
  • Weather checks

Of course, you probably know where I’m headed with this article.  Our philosophy at DDNAM is to make your mobile strategy a core component of your entire digital marketing strategy.  Not an afterthought.

Even if only 15% of your web site traffic is mobile,  those people are on a mission.  Can they complete their mission on your mobile site today?  Can they easily call your business?  Can they order something?  Can they schedule an appointment?  The latest marketing buzzword is “moments”.  In this smart phone checking world,  you have sometimes only 2 minutes to make a good impression.  Meet your customers’ needs in these critical decision making moments,  and you will have their business.  Miss these moments, and your competitors will reap the benefits.  What does your web site convey today in that critical “moment”?

Another historically desktop function now often completed on mobile?  Emails.  Are your emails easy to read on mobile?  Can they communicate succinctly in 2 minutes?  Or do people file them in a “read later” folder only to never read them later?  Depending on your customer,  emails are accessed on mobile devices between 35 – 65% of the time.  And often decisions to delete are made ONLY on the subject line.  Does your subject line convey “important reading material”  or “possible waste of time”.  Subject lines can make or break your email’s open rate.  Spend sufficient time on them to make a difference.  And once opened,  keep their attention with a mobile friendly email format that looks great on the smallest smart phone size.

How are people’s search behavior on mobile phones different than on large screens?  Two characteristics worth mentioning.  More mission oriented and more research oriented.  I need a quick recipe,  I need a fact,  I need to know some basic info about this company, I need to order something fast.  Plan your mobile search ads accordingly.

If you need help adjusting your digital marketing strategies for mobile,  let me know.  I’ll help you capture those moments – magically.

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