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Marketing Automation Anyone?

Update February 1, 2017 Need to learn more about marketing automation?  Start here by exploring these case studies.   June 2, 2016 Just started on an implementation of ACT-ON software for marketing automation for one of my clients.   If you are like the other 63% of marketers,  marketing automation must be on your list this year.  Why? Lead-tracking, Inbound Marketing campaigns, Email Marketing, Social Media Marketing, Search Optimization, CRM integration and more – all in one system,  with complete training. Contact me if you would […]

How Has Marketers Ability to Reach and Engage Customers Changed?

This recent article about research on the status of marketer’s ability to reach and engage customers was both illuminating and thought provoking. As customer expectations increase, your company’s ability to execute polished professional marketing programs continues to grow in importance. With the never ending increases in communications touchpoints that are now available, marketing automation can become the saving grace. Contact me if you want to evaluate implementing marketing automation for your company and for your customers.   Source: How Has Marketers Ability to Reach and […]

US Digital Display Ad Spending to Surpass Search Ad Spending in 2016 – eMarketer

BIG Tipping Point here on Digital Marketing Ad spend. Definitely saw it coming AND your cost per impression/click is typically higher on display ads, so it does make sense that the overall spend would be higher. Add to that the influence of social sites changing who sees posts, which has forced marketers into buying ads:-).  Realistically,  they should split the social site ads out as their own category in my opinion.  They truly are a different type of marketing.   In 2016, digital display ad […]

50 Predictions for Ecommerce in 2016

Digital DNA Marketing has a couple of digital predictions for SMBs for 2016. As featured in 1. SMBs will find it harder to compete online for business. The consumer is continually raising the bar on their expectations for websites, as is Google and other key online marketing partners. Mobile responsiveness is now table stakes. SMBs can no longer get by with a web site built by their friend’s friend or a relative. 2. Marketing automation software will be the determining factor for successful marketers. […]

2016 Marketing Predictions

What will 2016 hold for digital marketers? Plenty. Marketing is not simple as these predictions show. See what has to say about these hot trends. Programmatic advertising infects more than digital. Millenials are growing up – how do we market to them now? Generation Z are the new kids on the block – with extremely high expectations. Headphone sporting travelers want more podcast shows  alias radio series. Ad blockers are here to stay.  Meaningful content takes center spotlight. Marketing tactics executed at a local […]

6 Psychological Triggers That Make UX Design Persuasive

User Experience is not just about design,  it’s also about marketing.  In this great article from,  you will learn about 6 triggers that can make your Digital Marketing Rock!  Reciprocity, Social Proof, Scarcity, Framing, Salience, & Contrast. You must learn about human psychology to design compelling user experiences. If you understand how the human mind works, it’s easier to get people’s attention and keep it. It’s also easier to get them to take some form of action. Read:  6 Psychological Triggers That Make UX […]

44 Responsive Web Design Resources: The Ultimate List

From my favorite UI resource: “Desktops and smartphones and tablets! Oh my! People look at your site on a variety of devices, but are they having a consistently great viewing experience on each? Responsive Web Design (RWD) ensures that they do.” This article is an exhaustive library of everything you need to know (and probably more).   44 Responsive Web Design Resources: The Ultimate List Share this with others!

Top 5 ways to use Boomerang

Boomerang – Instagrams’ new video sharing app – what is it good for?  Absolutely everything.  But let’s start with the top 5 quick wins to get you started easily, with minimal time.  Don’t over think this.   Shiny new toy – use it fast – it may not last. 1.  First,  it’s really reminiscent of animated GIFS,  once you accept that, you will do the right things with it.  Short, “moments” (have your heard of moments?) 2.  Production quality – “user generated”.  Don’t try to use […]