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What can you expect for ROI from optimizing email for mobile devices ?

Below you’ll see a cross-tabulation of the 560 respondents who answered questions about optimizing email marketing for mobile, and email marketing ROI.  The bottom line – anything you do to make your emails mobile optimized can be a very good thing.  What are you waiting for? Read More Here: Email Marketing Chart: ROI from optimizing email for mobile devices | MarketingSherpa Share this with others!

Marketing Research Chart: How likely are consumers to follow influencers’ recommendations vs. regular customers ? | MarketingSherpa

Influencer marketing has become a buzzword, with Google searches rising 69% since May 2015. However, there isn’t much research published on its effectiveness.This week, we look at a study exploring how likely consumers are to follow influencer and customer recommendations, and how marketers can incorporate influencer marketing into their toolbox. Read More Here: Marketing Research Chart: How likely are consumers to follow influencers’ recommendations? | MarketingSherpa Share this with others!

CMOs Confident in Their Strategic Thinking, Need Most Help With Digital Marketing

Another great Marketing Chart… Digital marketing – including social media – is the skill that the greatest share of CMOs believe is most important to their marketing team’s success today, per results from a recent Spencer Stuart survey of 150 marketing leaders. Data analytics and insights, along with strategic thinking, round out the top-3 most important skills. Trouble is, they’re also the three skills most difficult to find when building a team. Indeed, data analytics and insights skills are among the most challenging to secure […]


In YouTube Video Advertising, Is Longer Stronger?

Thinking of using YouTube video advertising for your business?  Should you use 15 second, 30 second, 120 second spots? Review the results from a recent experiment to effectively choose the right length depending on your primary goals, your brand strength, and your budget optimization. Read all the details here.  In YouTube Video, Is Longer Stronger? Share this with others!

Content and Social Marketing: Top takeaways from 6 case studies at MarketingSherpa Summit 2016

February 2016, Over a thousand marketers joined up in Las Vegas for MarketingSherpa Summit 2016. In this wrap-up article, they’ve compiled the top three takeaways throughout many of the Content & Social sessions so you can apply these insights to your own digital marketing efforts.  And of course,  if you would require assistance,  Digital DNA Marketing would be glad to help!  Let your customer speak for you Relevant, valuable content can shorten sales cycles. Short-form video can be a powerful attraction tool.   Read all […]

Be more social on Twitter or Instagram?

Instagram continues to prove its mastery of the mobile domain, according to eMarketer’s latest internet usage forecast. This year, 89.4 million American consumers will log on to Instagram at least once a month, representing 34.1% of mobile phone users.  It’s bigger than Twitter for consumers.  B2B usage is growing, but not nearly as fast. Read the rest of the story here : Instagram Continues Double-Digit Growth – eMarketer Share this with others!

times per day checking phones

Customers check phones 126 times per day?

  How many times a day do you check your phone?  If you are like the rest of the United States,  a LOT!  And you likely don’t even know you are doing it.  Check the chart above from Kantar Media.  Think about when this occurs.  Here are my prime mobile checking moments. Traffic lights Waiting in line When wondering about something Email culling Message alerts Boredom Second screening (watching TV and using a mobile device) Wondering about something else Needing a referral for someone Checking […]

E-Commerce Site Built in 2 weeks !

How fast can a new E-commerce Site be launched? Two weeks. Had the pleasure of working with a startup company recently to launch their mobile responsive full e-commerce site to sell jewelry.    How did we do it? Here’s the keys. This business owner knew what she did best.   She listened, learned fast,  and took the advice that I gave her. Product line decisions were made.  She knew what she was going to sell online and focused on getting the right product images and descriptions quickly.  […]

Marketing Priorities in 2016

Where Do Marketers See Their Most Exciting Digital Opportunities Today And in 5 Years?

Econsultancy and Adobe study – and specifically the topic of customer experience – the results indicate that company marketers will place their greatest emphasis this year on: Making the experience as personalized and relevant as possible (25% share); Making the experience as valuable as possible (25%); Making the experience as easy to understand as possible (17%); and Making the experience as safe and reliable as possible (11%). Source: Where Do Marketers See Their Most Exciting Digital Opportunities Today And in 5 Years? Share this with […]